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Sneak Peek


The Hotchkiss-Crawford Historical Museum features permanent exhibits as well as rotating exhibits.

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Authentically furnished 1890's cabin Old cook stove  
Inside of cabin Inside of cabin
Old store Parlor
Indian exhibit Chuckwagon exhibit

Above photos Spencer Anderson, thanks Spence :)




Original photographs from the 1890s and later


1890s Crawford
Crawford about 1910

Hotchkiss Fruit Center of the Middle West about 1920
Hotchkiss about 1935




Outstanding Collections

    • Southwest Indian Artifacts
    • Farming and Ranching Tools
    • Historic Photographs

Unique Replicas

    • Hotchkiss General Store
    • Old Time Parlor

Life on the Mesas Exhibit

    • Pertinent Photos, Maps, Artifacts and Literature

Reference Library

    • Family Genealogies, Obituaries, School Yearbooks, Family Histories and Oral Histories


    • Books on Colorado History
    • Local Fruit Label Notecards
    • Other Gift Items







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